Losing weight? It’s easier said than done.

Losing weight is not easy. Just imagine that you want to excel in sport or at work. Would you just set yourself a goal and expect to succeed without a plan or any support? – probably not. Yet when it comes to losing weight, we often do just that! Sooner or later we give up as it becomes harder and harder to stay on track and feel motivated.

So you want to lose weight? Setting a weight loss goal is usually the first thing you will do.

I want to fit into a size 10 for my holiday.”

I need to lose some weight for my daughter’s wedding.”

Often we think about the end results. These are called “outcome goals”. Sometimes these goals are too vague – for example, are they achievable within the time? Does the desired outcome seem so far away that it feels impossible to achieve?

What about the journey from where you are now, to where you want to be? Think about how an athlete prepares for an important event. An athlete will not just decide “I want to represent Britain in the next Olympic Games” and then expect to get there with little effort or support. Nor will they let themselves off the hook today by saying “I’ll start tomorrow.” An athlete will have a plan. They will enlist help in how they can improve their techniques and strategies, as well as fine tune their overall performance, building skills and learning along the way. They will adapt their lifestyle accordingly, implementing new strategies every day. Have you ever been at the finish line of a running event such as a half marathon? There will be the elite runners that come sprinting up to the finish line, there will be others who know their limits and pace themselves so that they too will succeed in reaching the finish line, some hobbling along or walking but determined to get to the end, and some who collapse with exhaustion or drop out. The people who finish without injuring themselves will be the ones who have been training in the weeks leading up to the event – fine tuning their diet, building fitness and stamina, and allocating time for practice runs.

Think of an actor who is preparing for a role in a play. They will study their character; learn lines, expressions, and moves. They will rehearse and practice over and over again until they get it right. They may enlist the help of a voice coach or other expert, and read about their character or the subject for their role.

So what has losing weight got to do with sport or acting? Losing weight to improve health is both challenging and potentially stressful. It is probably one of the most difficult things to achieve but ultimately very rewarding. Like the athlete or actor, it requires courage, practice, and the need to stay focussed. I like to think of the proverb – “A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.”

I hope that I can help you to succeed in achieving lasting weight loss and improvements in health and well-being.  The underlying principle is for you to feel motivated, supported, and to enjoy the process. You will not be judged or humiliated. No one who attends a Slender Mindset event will be expected to be weighed during a session. You will learn that you can lose weight at your own pace through your own ability.

Enrolling on a Slender Mindset course is like having someone to gently hold your hand – for support, encouragement, and guidance along the way.

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